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They Made a Garbage Pail Kid of Axl Rose


Remember Garbage Pail Kids, the disgusting trading card set made to piddle all over Cabbage Patch Kids, and that inspired one of the worst movies of all time? Well, Topps has brought them back, and they’re getting topical with some rock royalty.

Among the newest cards released was an Axl Rose card that looks like this:


I’m impressed with how far they went on this one! We’ve got AC/DC and GN’R, we’ve got the broken leg and the throne, and we’ve even got a throne reference with the Foo Fighters drum behind everyone! They really went for it on this card.

Axl isn’t the only rock star the car series parodied — they also did Morrissey, RHCP, and my personal favorite:


Buncha crybaby goths.

Anyway, we’ll see how long it takes before Axl sues Topps, or at the very least forces them to make his caricature look thinner.

[via The PRP]

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