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Oathbreaker’s “Immortals” is An Unexpected Gem



Man, what did I think Oathbreaker sounded like? In my head, this band was always more straightforward and death metal focused. Maybe because they’re going on tour soon with Skeletonwitch and Iron Regan? Have I been mentally mixing them up with Homewrecker? I don’t know, but I just heard their new track “Immortals”, and whatever I expected, it wasn’t this.

That’s okay, though, because what “Immortals” does, it does incredibly well. The track is a strange emotional mix of black metal, doom, and post-rock, with frontwoman Caro Tanghe mixing steely clean vocals with her piercing harpy shriek. It’s a strange and inspiring song with a hint of goth to it that would be a solid soundtrack to a time-lapse video of a tree being choked by a vine or a storm moving across a plain. Fans of Krallice, Liturgy, and Cynic will all dig on this.

Listen to “Immortals” below. Oathbreaker’s new album Rheia comes out September 30th on Deathwish Inc. You can pre-order it here.

[via Metal Underground]

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