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Hell Yeah, There’s a New Take Over and Destroy Track



Arizona’s Take Over and Destroy remain one of my favorite contemporary bands, primarily because they perfectly merge two of my favorite genres, late ’70s heavy metal and modern black and roll. Sure, they went a little Goblin-y on their last album, 2014’s Vacant Face, but from what we’ve heard from their upcoming self-titled new record, the band is now fully reveling in their spooky unique sound.

Case in point, “Leave The Door,” the second new track from the aforementioned album. While definitely channeling old-school death and black metal as well as bands like Kvelertak and Sarke, the track also revels in the psychedelic overtones and Hammer Horror atmosphere of 1970s hard rock acts like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. It might not be for fans of all those genres, but for those listeners who like music that straddles that line — who dig black metal when it’s not humorless and kvlt, and ’70s rock when it’s not aimless and indulgent — this is a kickass track.

Check out “Leave The Door” below. Take Over and Destroy’s self-titled album drops October 7th on Prosthetic. You can pre-order it here.

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