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Gatecreeper Storm the “Stronghold”



We’ve established that I’m stoked for the new album by Arizona’s Gatecreeper, right? Because they’re a sick OSDM band who sound like getting socked in the jaw by the Tarman? Got it, just making sure.

Because Decibel has just premiered a new track by from the album, and God damn, it rules as much as the previous ones have. It’s mid-paced and gross and has a hard punch to it (I love these guys’ bass drum sound). Best of all, though, are the riffs, which manage to be hard-hitting while at the same time kind of arch and villainous. This is the sound of being put through the musical meat grinder, and it’s just fucking fantastic.

Listen to “Stronghold” below. Gatecreeper’s latest, Sonoran Depravation, comes out October 7th. Pre-order it here.

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