Greg Burgess of Allegaeon on The MetalSucks Podcast #163


The MetalSucks Podcast with Chuck and Godless / JabberjawOur guest this week on your favorite metal podcast was suggested to us by none other than Chris Adler of Lamb of God back when he was on the podcast last year, although we have been fans of Allegaeon for quite a while outside of that endorsement. In our interview with guitarist Greg Burgess we talk about trying to top what you think is your best work, the shuffling of the staff around the band, manager and booking agent and why they needed to make a change, what surrounded the shift in singers for their new record Proponent for Sentience, and we find out how much it costs to get Bill Nye in your music video.

We also discuss the non-beef beef that came up this week between Born of Osiris guitarist Born of Osiris and The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett. What appeared to be drunk Tweets got serious when the metal media paid it some attention. Are we taking ourselves too seriously? Drunk Tweets are just drunk Tweets, right? Even if you are picking a fight with someone who doesn’t even know why you are fighting with them in the first place. When a band feels they have to diffuse a situation as the first reaction to something that can be attributed to an over-the-limit BAC level, maybe we need to adopt a sense of humor. Let’s just apologize now for our discussion too while we’re at it.

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Allegaeon – “All Hail Science”
Steve N Seagulls – “Symphony of Destruction”

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