No, Dummies, Lars Ulrich Will Not Move Back to Denmark if Trump is Elected


This morning a quote from a new Ekstra Bladet interview with Lars Ulrich started making the rounds, and everyone began to lose their shit:

“I’ll stick with my Danish passport. If Trump becomes president and everything goes to shit, I might make my way to the airport and ask if I can get back in again.”

Thing is, the only reason I can see for anyone to take this quote seriously is the absence of a “[laughs]” parenthetical. And the way you know Ulrich was kidding is because of the sentence that comes directly before the one above:

“I am a hundred percent Danish citizen, I pay taxes in the USA but I can’t vote in America.”

In other words: Ulrich would not have to ask if he could get back into Denmark, because he’s a Danish citizen. I’m sure there would be some tax shit to sort out as a result of the move, but I’m also sure the Danish government would be only too happy to have him home.

So, sorry if the idea of Lars Ulrich leaving the U.S. excited you for some reason. You should probably keep in mind that one can play the drums poorly in any location, so it’s not like his leaving the country would be a big deal.

[via Rock Feed]

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