Anal Trump: A Grind Band for Our Time

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, 10:30 a.m.: Lambgoat says that “Travis Trump” is actually Travis Ryan, of Cattle Decapitation fame!

Just in time for the terrifying possibility that on Wednesday we’ll all be bowing before Supreme Leader Trump comes That Makes Me Smart!, the debut from Anal Trump. The duo, who go by the names Travis and Rob Trump, were obviously inspired by Anal Cunt… but whereas Anal Cunt had a tendency to be highly offensive to just about everyone, That Makes Me Smart! will probably only offend Donald Trump and his supporters. Oh well, boo-hoo for them.

Although the album’s main attraction is obviously it’s hilarious song titles — which include “My Daughter is a Piece of Ass,” “Harriet Tubman is, Like, a 3,” “Trump Tower Has the Best Taco Bowels,” and “Dave Mustaine is Cool” — but by ridiculous gimmick-fueled grindcore standards, the music is actually pretty good, too. I assume the lyrics are also fun, but I dunno because I can’t understand a word that’s being said.

In any case, you can check out Anal Trump’s That Makes Me Smart! below. You can also buy it here for as much or as little money as you see fit to give. I just put in “Mexico will pay for it.”

[via Vanyaland by way of The PRP]

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