Don’t Buy These Bootleg Whitechapel and Thy Art is Murder Holiday Sweaters

  • Axl Rosenberg

We all know that ironic holiday sweaters for metal bands have become a big trend over the past four or five years. Unfortunately, it seems that some d-bags are trying to make money off of the trend by making new sweaters… without getting the bands’ permission first:

Rock Feed reports that in addition to the unapproved Whitechapel sweater, the company is also hocking an unapproved Thy Art is Murder sweater. You really shouldn’t be buying Thy Art is Murder merch regardless, but if you absolutely MUST advertise your horrible taste in death core to the world, you should at least do so by buying merch from which the band will actually profit.

Also, how dare you call yourself a Thy Art is Murder fan when you couldn’t spot a fake a mile away? Was this sweater made by The North Face? No? Then it obviously isn’t official TAiM merch! Duhhhhhhh!!!

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