Norway’s Tons of Rock Festival to Feature Emperor, Satyricon, Sodom, and… Blink-182

  • Axl Rosenberg

Which one is Blink-182 again? Are they the ones who did the Spider-Man video with Kerry King, or the ones who ran around naked, or some other ones? Don’t bother to tell me. I don’t care and I’ll just forget again.

In fact, the only reason I even know Blink-182 are still a thing is because they’ve been announced as the headliners of Norway’s Tons of Rock festival, which will take place in June. Which isn’t really interesting news in and of itself… until you see the rest of the fest’s line-up:


In case you’re not familiar with Honningbarna and Spidergawd (I wasn’t), the former basically sound like Kvelertak, while the latter basically sound like a hybrid of old school Sabbath and KISS. In other words, Blink-182 are definitely the odd duck on the bill. Unless they’ve drastically changed their sound and make music much more in the vein of Emperor and Taake now. Let’s check. Quick, Robin — to YouTube!

Nope! Still generic pop-punk. (Although I guess that clears up my question about which ones are Blink-182.) So what the crap are they doing on this bill? Either Norwegian metal fans are way more open-minded than I thought, or the fest’s organizers thought they were booking a different, more metal band, or the fest’s organizers have devised a brilliant plan to make sure everyone vacates the grounds early so they can start cleaning up and avoid paying union overages. I dunno.

Wait… which ones are Blink-182 again?

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