Skrillex and From First to Last Reunite to Release New Song, “Make War”


The PRP says that rumors of a reunion between From First to Last and original frontman Sonny Moore — aka Skrillex — have been circulating since July, which I’m inclined to believe since The PRP is always dead-on about such things (although I haven’t personally been paying attention to this storyline because, frankly, I don’t care about either).

Over the weekend Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus posted a photo on Instagram of himself, his bandmate Travis Barker, producer John Feldman and From First to Last’s Matt Good and Moore all together in a studio, which led fans to speculate that a reunion was imminent.

Now From First to Last have surprise-released a new song called “Make War” that features Moore on vocals; he co-wrote and produced the song as well.

And… it sounds like From First to Last. I was never into this emo-y kind of stuff the first time around so I’m not especially taken by it now, but I know plenty of folks who consider From First to Last integral to their musical upbringing, and Moore’s voice was likely a huge part of that. Check it out below. As for what this means for the future of From First to Last, we shall see… with Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo having vacated his temporary FFTL vocal slot, the singing throne is Moore’s for the taking.

From First to Last - Make War

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