Through the Eyes of the Dead Share More Music from Forever-in-the-Works New Album


When posed with the question “Which metal band can make their fans wait for a new album the longest?”, most would answer Tool or System of a Down. But don’t underestimate Through the Eyes of the Dead. Sure, it would be a Gene Hoglan-in-yoga-pants size stretch to say their next record is as hotly anticipated as those of Tool and SOAD (or even The Faceless or Wintersun, both of whose fans are only in year five of their wait), but TTEOTD’s ability to draw out the creation process is no less impressive.

To wit: their last album, Skepsis, was released seven years ago this Thursday. And as of this past Wednesday, it has been two-and-a-half years since they announced their new album, the title of which has yet to be released. (And by the way, last we heard, the next release isn’t even a full-length, but an EP. That may have changed. Dear Christ I hope that has changed.) They’ve released some demos and instrumental versions of songs from the album, and last year, even announced the addition of Wretched/Lillake guitarist Steve Funderburk. And yet, here we are, with no new Through the Eyes of the Dead release.

What is the goddamn hold-up? We have no clue. But now the band has released another brief, not-stellar-quality tease for a new song in the form of the below video. It sounds… fuck, I don’t know. It’s obviously really hard to judge a song based on something like this. At this point, they just need to release something already. For a band that wasn’t even that famous to begin with, seven years is a long time in the metal world.

Seven years is a long time and I know a lot of our readers are on the more youthful side. So if you don’t remember this band and don’t understand why some of us care about them, here, crank this motherfucker as loud as you can:

[via Lambgoat]

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