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What’s Your Favorite Vintage Metal T-Shirt?


Vince’s t-shirt collection is aging like a fine wine. I know each one so well at this point that I can spot a new addition from a mile away. The modern metal collection includes such classics as the Gojira one with the shadow of a body, and the Metal Blade Record one that reads “founded in 1982” much like Vince himself. The classics section includes old favorites like the Motley Crue “Girls Girls Girl” t-shirt worn to an ideal soft black, The Warrant t-shirt we could never forget because a MetalSucks reader bought it for him in 2008 (he was sooo excited!), the Fender t-shirt just five washes short of being ideal for sleeping and a personal favorite of mine: The Queensryche gem we found at a yard sale peeking out of the rack and in just the right size.

Our clothes can be an atlas of our history, and this is even more true and obvious for concert/music shirt collectors. For this reason, I had a special affection for and interest in an article from earlier this week in The New York Times Style Section about vintage concert t-shirts and their collectors. At first, I was thinking it’s ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a t-shirt, but is it really more ridiculous than buying art or jewelry or a wristband at SleekWristbands.com? Who am I to say?

Do you have a favorite vintage t-shirt? Did your Dio shirt sky-rocket in value after his death? How much would you pay for a perfectly soft Iron Maiden t-shirt that fit you like a glove?! Tell us in the comments below.

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