Sean Reinert on Just-Released Cynic Demos: “I Had Nothing to Do with This”

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal fell out, but it looks like that’s not enough time to heal the wounds inflicted during the fight. In a new posting on Cynic’s Facebook page, Reinert has slammed Uroboric Forms, an upcoming collection of the band’s early demos. According to Reinert, neither he nor guitarist Jason Gobel nor bassist Tony Choy have anything to do with the release:

When one fan in the comments beneath the post suggested that Cynic was still active with Masvidal and bassist Sean Malone, Reinert replied:


Sean Malone a hired player! Ooph! That’s gotta hit Malone where it hurts.

Reinert continued:


Finally, when a fan suggested Reinert allow Masvidal to once again be an admin on Cynic’s FB page so he could respond to the accusations, Reinert said:


I really don’t wanna get into a Reinert vs. Masvidal thing. I have no clue what the hell went on behind the scenes and which party, if either, is “right” or “wrong.”

I do wanna say that Reinert is a brilliant drummer but maybe not such a brilliant PR guy. I understand why he’d want to distance himself from Uroboric Forms if he had nothing to do with it*, but being hostile towards fans in an internet comments section is never a good look. Even if everything he says is 100% accurate, he should be the bigger man and just keep quiet. Leave the comments section to the commenters. Trying to convince those people they’re wrong about something is like trying to stop the rotation of the earth. Good luck with that.

*Although I’d also point out that he just gave Uroboric Forms a ton of publicity. It’s out now. Get it here.

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