Slaughter to Prevail Release New Song, Seek Funds for Thesaurus

  • Axl Rosenberg

Slaughter to Prevail’s new single is called “Chronic Slaughter.” I’m not sure if they mean “chronic” as in “persistent/recurring” or “chronic” as in weed, but if it’s the former, the title really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Regardless, I think it’s ill-advised to have a song title that shares a word with your band’s name. I can’t think of a single Cannibal Corpse song, for example, that has the word “cannibal” or the word “corpse” in its title. I’m just saying a little creativity never hurt anyone.

Of course, one might be less inclined to concentrate on the band’s limited vocabulary if their music was good. But it’s not. So.

“Chronic Slaughter” will appear on Slaughter to Prevail’s Misery Sermon, which comes out May 5 on Sumerian.

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