Maryland Deathfast Documentary Welcome to Deathfest Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Hey! Hey, you! Yeah, you in the Dissection long sleeve! Ever heard of Maryland Deathfest? Of course you have. Everyone has.

Well… would you be interested in seeing a movie about Maryland Deathfest? No, not one of the three David Hall made. A completely different movie from a completely different set of filmmakers. You’d watch that, right? I mean, it’s not like you can ever have too much MDF in your life now is it?

Well, hey, guess what? Some different filmmakers ARE making a new movie about MDF! It’s called Welcome to Deathfest, and it’s basically done already. Just one small thing: clearing the music rights is gonna cost a pretty penny, as you can imagine. So the filmmakers are now seeking funds from fans to help them pay all the various bands involved. Here, I’ll let them explain it:

So that looks pretty cool. Hall’s films used Woodstock as their model; Welcome to Deathfest appears to be much more behind-the-scenes-y, which could be fun.

If you’re able, donate here. If you’re still unsure, check out two more trailers for the movie below. And know that, as usual, there are a wide variety of prizes/gifts/benefits being offered in exchange for your moolah, including tickets to MDF.

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