Ted Nugent Says More Stupid Shit in Support of Donald Trump


Our president is embroiled in controversy mere months into his tenure in office, seemingly caught red-handed trying to squash a fast-encroaching investigation on his office and cover up any evidence that might implicate his campaign’s illegal communications with Russia.

But who cares about any of that when our president is “ass-kicking” and “crushes all things”? Certainly not rock’s favorite ultra-conservative cuckoo, Ted Nugent!

Speaking in an appearance on The Rock Brigade Podcast, Nugent offered the following on our current Fuhrer-in-Chief:

“To have candidate Trump reach out to me, with all the controversy that surrounds me, proves why he is the most important guy to become president, and that is that he defies, denounces and crushes all things status quo. And that is why he got elected, and that is why he invited me, because he knows, especially in the state of Michigan, if you wanna obliterate the status quo, you’re gonna have to call Ted Nugent.”

Yes, Trump is obliterating the status quo, alright, by rolling back long fought-for protections for LGBTQ people, stripping healthcare from millions of Americans, pulling funding from Planned Parenthood that keeps millions of women healthy and removing environmental protections, just to name a sliver of what he’s done so far in office — but none of that matters when we’re increasing spending on the military to “crush” the fuck out of those damn A-rabs who threaten our freedom? Right?


[via Blabbermouth]

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