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The Faceless Cancel European Tour


Anyone looking at The Faceless at this point can only be forced to draw the following conclusion: they’re a fucking trainwreck.

Anyone looking at The Faceless at this point can only be forced to draw another conclusion: something is not as it seems. There’s no way one band — who had it all laid out for them, with all the support in the world — could be the recipients of such terrible misfortune time and time again.

One final reminder before we move on to today’s news: “The Faceless” is basically just one person, and has been for years.


After canceling their Australian tour, being dismissed by their manager and making excuses about stolen gear and flight delays, The Faceless have canceled ANOTHER tour, this time their European run scheduled for July. This isn’t the the first, second, third or fourth time The Faceless have canceled a tour: there’s been so many I can’t even muster the energy to look them all up so I can hyperlink the rest of the words in this sentence.

The news comes via the Facebook page of the UK Tech-Fest, a five-day celebration now without one of its marquee acts. While it isn’t standard practice that the promoter of one show would announce an entire tour’s cancelation, we’ll assume they’re operating on solid intel given the band’s history. The statement reads in full:

“We regret to inform you that The Faceless have cancelled all EU Dates this year, we are awaiting an official statement from the band. Apologies to anyone who was hoping to see them, we have done everything within our power to make this dream a reality! We would like to thank Artery Global and their agent Liam John Byrne for their professionalism in handling the matter and their support for Tech-Fest, they too have done all they can to make this happen. Chins up, we will reveal the final secret headliner shortly! Thank you all for your continued support, not long until July 6th now <3”

If you’re a metal promoter, why bother to book this band? If you’re an agent or a manager, why spend the time? What Michael Keene needs isn’t more enablers, but serious help. He has all the talent in the world but simply can’t hold it together and it’s not worth anyone’s bother until he can, although we’re sure we’ll see all sorts of excuses coming from The Faceless’ camp any second now (and we’ll update you as soon as that happens).

The canceled dates are as follows:

May 27 Knights Of Metal Festival – Barcelona, Spain
Jul 01 Patronaat – Haarlem, Netherlands
Jul 02 Hafenklang – Hamburg, Germany
Jul 03 Maze – Berlin, Germany
Jul 04 Modra Vopice – Prague, Czech Republic
Jul 05 Backstage – Club München, Germany
Jul 06 County Showground – Winthorpe, United Kingdom
Jul 07 Kulttempel – Oberhausen, Germany
Jul 08 Le Backstage By The Mill – Paris, France
Jul 09 Newark Showground – Winthorpe, United Kingdom (Tech-Fest)

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