It’s Never Dave Mustaine’s Fault: A Comprehensive List


I was reading our earlier post about Megadeth’s “Breadline,” in which Dave Mustaine claims that the song made Marty Friedman cry because his management never told Marty they were replacing his solo. My first thought was, What sort of lameass replaces a solo because his management tells him to? Have some artistic integrity...

But then I thought, Wait, it’s like I’ve heard this before.

Because, as Axl points out, it’s never Dave’s fault. In his own little narcissistic world, Dave is blameless. There’s always someone else who fucked up, and Dave is the martyr who has to carry their mistakes. He’s willing to claim that he’ll change music if his management hates it, so long as it means they’ll take the fall, not him.

But hey, I have a history of crapping on Mustaine–I’m biased. But seeing is believing. So here, brought together for you to see them listed out, are all of the times Dave Mustaine has blamed someone else for something shitty he’s had to deal with. Enjoy.

  • October 2009, when he blamed Roadrunner for Endgame’s drop in sales even though they promoted the fuck out of that album.
  • December 2012, when he blamed the “fuckers of the world” for why “the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Dave Mustaine,” and not his own statements for being insensitive, horrible, politically-backwards nonsense.
  • August 2013, when he blamed other heavy metal musicians for metal not getting the respect it deserves.
  • January 2014, when he blamed people misinterpreting his words, not his recorded statements expressing those words, for his current dickhead public image.
  • March 2014, when he blamed a bias against Christians, and not his actual homophobic statements, for him being labeled a homophobe.
  • January 2015, when he a) blamed the fans for Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover being fired from the band and b) blamed Super Collider’s shittiness on its producer.
  • June 2015, when he then blamed the band’s management for firing Broderick and Drover.
  • October 2015, when he blamed a guitar tech for issues with his Brisbane show, going so far as to post a video of him ranting angrily about the guy.
  • February 2016, when he blamed the Metallica breakup for why fans hate him and note his attitude or un-PC statements.
  • July 2016, when he blamed late Megadeth drummer Nick Menza’s dislike of him, and not his inability to pay Menza the money he was owed, for his not being involved in Menza’s tribute shows.
  • August 2016, when he hoped the band he controls entirely would have no more line-up changes.
  • August 2016, when he blamed Havok for leaving a tour when Mustaine Management gave them an unacceptable contract, and then he got pissed at MetalSucks for reporting on it.
  • March 2017, when he blamed the production team for the fan backlash against Risk.

Did we forget a time Dave Mustaine shifted the blame to someone other than his dumbass self? Let us know in the comments section!

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