Check Out Kreisau Circle’s “Bill Alt’Reilly,” the Product of Kurt Ballou’s Special Offer to Record SJW Songs for Free

  • Axl Rosenberg

Wow, what a great week to be an evil, socialist, freedom-hatin’, extreme-music-lovin’ SJW! There was a new Prophets of Rage song, a new Stray from the Path song which really riled the Infowars set, and now this: “Bill Alt’Reilly” by Kreisau Circle. The hardcore track would be worth listening to regardless of the circumstances under which it was made — because it’s, y’know, good! But it’s especially noteworthy because it’s the product of Kurt Ballou’s amazing one-day-only offer to record “overtly anti-Trump, anti-Steve Bannon, pro-social justice message” songs for free. The fact that Bill O’Reilly has been fired since the track was first recorded doesn’t lessen the potency of its message any… as you may have noticed, we’re still up to our eyeballs in bullshit, and we still all the need protest music we can get. Especially if it’s as cool as this.

Check out “Bill Alt’Reilly” below. You can buy it on Bandcamp for the price of your choosing. To keep up to date with Kreisau Circle, make sure you follow them on Facebook.

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