King 810 Guitarist Andrew Beal Arrested on “Weapon’s Charge”


King 810 have revealed via Facebook that their guitarist, Andrew Beal, has been arrested on a “weapon’s charge”:

UK Family,

As Bloodstock is quickly approaching we wanted to update you on a situation we’re dealing with at home. Beal was brought in on a weapon’s charge on Sunday night. While the details of this bond are litigated we wanted to reassure all that we will be on stage at Bloodstock either as free men or as wanted men. Will keep you posted.


The band has not revealed the offense with which the weapon has charged Beal. But Bloodstock is a week from tomorrow, so the charge must be fairly minor. After all, they feel sufficiently confident that Beal will be able to travel internationally without anyone noticing he’s out on bail, even after they’ve now publicly promised to violate the law if necessary. (Beal can, of course, request the ability to travel abroad from the proper authorities, but who knows if his request would be granted or not.)

This is not the first time the band run into this kind of trouble. In 2014, they were forced to cancel another UK festival appearance — this one at Download — after vocalist David Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill were arrested on assault charges. And just this past December, the band had two U.S. shows cancelled: one in Chicago as the result of neighborhood complaints regarding “excessive use of guns and violent imagery,” and one in Detroit which the band chose not to play because they weren’t allowed to bring guns into the venue. At some point they may find themselves in a position where they need to choose to between making music and staying strapped at all times. Personally, I’m hoping they choose the latter option, but that’s just me.

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