Get Baked and Listen to Cannabis Corpse’s Left Hand Pass


Cannabis Corpse, the world’s current leader in making weed puns based on famous metal album and song titles, are now streaming their new offering, Left Hand Pass. As has been the case with this band in the past, not only is Pass funny, but it’s also really friggin’ good — probably as strong as any death metal album you’ll hear this year, and honestly much more memorable than some recent high-profile releases by more famous DM bands. The riffs are so tasty they make me wanna lick the inside of my own ears so I get every last drop. So all the silly wordplay is just, like, a bonus.

So ‘get right’ and check out Left Hand Pass below. It drops tomorrow. Munchies aren’t included with purchase so make sure you swing by the bodega on your way home.

[via teamrock.com]

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