Electric Wizard Announce New Album, Wizard Bloody Wizard


Unfortunately, my headline gives away 99% of what we know right now. The other 1% is that the album will be out November 10, and that the cover will combine your love of gore with your love of underboob:


Pre-orders will go live tomorrow; whether or not that will arrive with a single remains to be seen.

‘Til we know more, I’ll give you a topic to discuss amongst yourselves: is the album’s title meant to be a homage to Scream Bloody Gore or “Roots Bloody Roots”? For some reason I can’t see Jus Oborn enjoying post-Chaos A.D. Sepultura, although the use of two words instead of three does suggest a closer link to that song than Death’s seminal album. Ready… set… needlessly debate!

Update: Oh, right. It’s a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath reference. Sorry. Nobody’s perfect.

[via Metal Injection]

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