Metal Fashion Alert: This Emperor + Doom Logo Ripoff Hoodie is an Abomination


If you were upset by myriad Kardashians, Kanye and Rihanna — among many other celebrities — sporting metal clothing in recent years, then prepare to view perhaps the biggest monstrosity yet. While this one doesn’t involve any celebrities, it’s… well, take a look for yourself.

MetalSucks reader Joe S. sent in a link of a hoodie for sale by the online British clothing retailer Asos that features the word “Factory” sprawled across the chest, the left half aping the style of the logo of legendary black metallers Emperor and the other half in the style of the logo for the classic video game Doom.

That combination in itself isn’t all that offensive — I enjoy both of those things! (though I am certainly sensitive to mainstream commodification of metal style) — but what really pushes this thing over the edge is that half of the hoodie is black and the other is white. Why? Is this supposed to be a comment on racial unity? Did the designers think it actually looks good this way? What in the actual fuck.

Check out the hoodie here and feel free to drop £30 on it if covet looking like a black and white cookie. And you better hurry, too: as of this post, all sizes except for M are bafflingly sold out.

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