Monolord Made a Spotify Playlist for Us!


Swedish doombringers Monolord released their third full-length album, Rust, last Friday, which we were incredibly pleased to premiere right here on MetalSucks. Now, to complement its release, the three lads in the band have collaborated on a special playlist of some of their favorite tracks, both new and old. Check out their playlist and read a brief Q&A with the band about their picks while you listen. 

Rust is out now via RidingEasy Records; purchase it here (physical) and here (digital). 

Some of the bands on your playlist — Bloodbath, Entombed, Disfear — are quite heavier than Monolord’s music. Can you talk about their influence on you?

Thomas Jäger (guitars/vocals): They are heavy, but still have the good hooks and melodies. But are they really heavier?

Can you talk a bit more about your love of Zeal & Ardor?

Esben Willems (drums): The band name kept appearing in my social media feeds, so I got curious. And then I was blown away. I know nothing more about the band than the music on this album, but I get the feeling that they just disregard boring purist genre notions and let their own ideas flow freely, picking and choosing from whatever comes to mind from their wide frame of reference. Not always as obvious a trait amongst bands as you might think. And doing it with the finesse they do is not as easy as it might seem.

Digging the trip hop selections — do those influence Monolord’s music at all?

Mika Häkki (bass): Certainly the heavy bass and groove leave a mark. And a lot of melancholy can be found there too, which is good for the soul.

What plans does Monolord have through the rest of 2017 and early 2018?

Esben: We’ll tour over Europe with the almighty Conan in October, which is gonna be an intense run. Really looking forward to sharing the stage with those guys. As of right now, we only have one more show planned after that in 2017, the one-day fest Vintersabbat in Oslo. Touring plans for 2018 are in the making; we hope to announce some of them soon. And, as always, the time in between will be devoted to jamming on new stuff. All three of us suffer from brains we’re unable to shut off, so we might as well make the best of that. Safety valve riff grooving.

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