Good Lord, Operation Mindcrime’s New Song is TERRIBLE (Geoff Tate, ex-Queensryche)


I don’t know what I was expecting given how mediocre Operation Mindcrime’s first album was… something equally as mediocre, I guess. Maybe that’s why this site passed over the second one entirely.

But good lord, the latest song from the outfit — featuring ex-Queensryche singer Geoff Tate capitalizing on his former band’s most famous album — is just AWFUL. The vocals are badly out of key, the drums sound like they’re programmed, the guitars are thin and brittle, the chorus is anti-climactic, there’s an embarrassing psuedo-spoken word section before an abrupt, awkward ending… honestly, this sounds like a pre-production demo, and it should’ve stayed that way. No no no no no.

Submit your ears to the aural onslaught below. If you’re a glutton for punishment you’ll be glad to know that The New Reality comes out December 1st.

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