Thantifaxath’s “Self Devouring Worm” is Fantastically Brutal (Except for Two Minutes)


Thantifaxath’s newest track “Self Devouring Worm” is fuckin nuts, a song with an amazing bank of wonderful moments and powerful riffs. The middle section is especially impressive, because in this huge climax of sound and music comes a monstrous industrial-sounding riff that makes the hair on my neck stand up. It’s followed by these huge, pounding riffs that are interrupted with intense blackened blasting. There is just so much awesome shit in that little window right in the middle, like eating right to the heart of a heavy metal cake.

The beginning and the end left me wanting a bit, though. The intro is too long, and some of the vocals are awkward. The ending — two minutes of a violin doing the same thing over and again — was underwhelming, especially in regard to a song that gripped me so tightly with its promise. I kept thinking it was going to do something great all the way up to the last second, but it didn’t, which was a waste of two perfectly good minutes.

Still, the track absolutely rips on the whole. Check out “Self Devouring Worm” below and pre-order Thantifaxath’s newest EP Void Masquerading as Matter here, out November 24th via Dark Descent Records.

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