Dead Empires Take Us on a Brutal Slay Ride in “Slay Rider”


Dead Empires are a band we have covered more than a few times over the years as a favorite here at MetalSucks, and that’s because they fucking rip. Every track we have covered has been better than the last, and their newest, “Slay Rider,” stays true to tradition.

“Slay Rider” comes in hard and fast, starting off almost like a thrash song before quickly switching gears to encompass something more akin to death metal, evolving time and time again to give an ever-changing experience that leaves you feeling like you’ve just ingested more metal than you thought you had on your plate. I mean, just listen to that shit. Can you imagine how hard it would go live? Can you imagine how goddamn intense that fucking pit would be? And it stays that hard throughout, as if it took way too many Viagra and it’s lasted far longer than four hours and shoulda called its doctor a couple days ago but has just been fucking for so long it hasn’t even stopped to think about its dick health. The breakdown doesn’t connect with me, but thankfully the song’s final thirty seconds or so are seriously fucking brutal and go just as hard as the beginning, if not harder.

Check out “Slay Rider” below, and pre-order Dead Empires’ new album Designed to Disappear here before it comes out on February 23rd — you can even get it as a cassette!

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