Adam Jones on New Tool Album: “Music is Done. Lyrics Coming in Hard.”


Here’s the latest in the never-ending string of non-news updates regarding new Tool music: guitarist Adam Jones says “music is done” and that “lyrics are coming in hard.”


The revelation came in a live video Jones streamed from his Instagram account on Thursday night. We weren’t able to watch it but MetalSucks reader Shane F. was, and Shane told us that the video featured a lively Jones family dinner. How fun! We’re going to presume that a viewer asked about the progress of new Tool music, and here’s how Jones responded:

adam jones insta

Does that mean the recording of the music is done, or simply that the music is written? No way of knowing, unfortunately. We do know that at least some music has been recorded (thanks, Tom Morello), but to go from that to interpreting Jones’ comment as “all the music has been recorded” is a massive leap. Still… it could mean that!

Danny Carey told The MetalSucks Podcast the album is definitely coming out in 2018, so at least we know that for certain. As far as I’m concerned new Tool music will arrive whenever it does, and it will be good. At least we know it’s being made.

Looking forward to at least a dozen more non-updates before we actually hear a note of new Tool. Can’t wait for the next breaking news tidbit from Justin Chancellor’s cat!

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