Lamb of God Release (What Appears to Be A) Burn the Priest Show Flyer

  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday, Lamb of God released a mysterious video which suggested that the band was working on something relating to their original name, Burn the Priest; today, they’ve released what appears to be a flyer for a show set to take place this Friday, March 23:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually answer many questions. For one thing, Martha Splatterhead is The Accüsed’s mascot, but not, to the best of my knowledge, also the name of a band. For another thing, there is no Burn the Priest song called “Inherit the Earth.” For another another thing, while it’s clear this will take place in the band’s hometown of Richmand, VA (‘RVA’), no venue is listed. Also, what the crap kind show begins at 10 am? Also also, does this mean that Abe Spear is back in the fold?

Presumably we’ll know lots more roughly forty-two hours from now. Stay tuned…

[via Metal Injection]

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