New Band Featuring Members of Strapping Young Lad, the Devin Townsend Project, and Threat Signal: Name + Logo Revealed


Just in time for them to hit the studio to record their debut release, the new band featuring Jed Simon and Byron Stroud from Strapping Young Lad, Ryan Van Poederooyen and Briad Waddell from the Devin Townsed Project, and Threat Signal’s Jon Howard have revealed their name and logo:

I’ll save you a Google search: ‘Imonolith’ isn’t a real word. Obviously it’s a play on ‘monolith,’ although whether it’s meant to suggest an immortal monolith, an immune monolith, an imaginary monolith, an impeached monolith, and improvised monolith, some other kind of monolith, or just something that sounds cool, I dunno.

Here’s the band’s first official Facebook post making the announcement:

“The 1st, Imonolith full band rehearsal takes place later today, then we hit the Armoury Studios tomorrow to start recording material for our debut album. Exciting times for the guys and time to create some crushing sounding tunes! Stay posted for pics, live feeds and more today from the Imonolith rehearsal space! See you soon…”

So expect this thing to be out later this year sometime, or maybe early next year, for marketing purposes or whatever.

[via The PRP]

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