Study Finds Bring Me the Horizon Fans are the “Least Conscientious” and “Most Neurotic” People


A recent study conducted by Stanford University and Cambridge University’s Psychometrics Centre concluded that computers can use a person’s digital footprint to reach conclusions about their personality and predict their behavior more accurately than their close friends and family can. The study used the 100-question Facebook app myPersonality and their Facebook likes to look at the interests and emotional characteristics of its users.

Sound familiar? That’s because this very study served as the inspiration for how Cambridge Analytica would harvest the personal information of 50 million Facebook profiles to target and influence voters for the benefit of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. In case you missed it, that’s a pretty big scandal sweeping America at the moment.

But at least the study’s results produced some good, too: one of the metrics the study examined was a link between personality characteristics and taste in music, and it’ll give you some funny ammo with which to poke your friends who are into Nightwish and Bring Me the Horizon.

Bring Me the Horizon and Escape the Fate fans are likely to be the least conscientious people. That’s no surprise if you’ve ever attended a metalcore show and marveled at how few fucks the meatheads in the moshpit give about anyone else while they’re karate-chopping their little swoopy-haired hearts away.

Nightwish fans are among the least extroverted, which also comes as no surprise: today’s Nightwish fans are the modern-day equivalent of the goth kids who sat in the corner of my high school’s hallways sulking and looking morose.

The “least agreeable” people were found to enjoy Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Judas Priest which, again… no shocker there! Metalheads have always been headstrong and moody.

Bring Me the Horizon and Escape the Fate’s fans find themselves on another list, along with those of Manson: most neurotic. The study really isn’t doing metalheads any favors here.

You can read more about the study at NME, or just read through the whole thing yourself if you’ve got the time.

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