Stephen Colbert Name Drops Flaw on The Late Show, Increases ‘Flaw Band’ Google Searches 8 Trillion Percent


If someone asked me if I know the band Flaw, my answer would be “Sort of,” by which I’d mean that I am vaguely aware there was a band called Flaw at some point when nu-metal was popular, but I couldn’t name for you a single Flaw song or actually describe their sound or pick any of their members out of a line-up. Apparently their first album, 2001’s Through the Eyes, sold almost half a million copies, which is impressive. Still, I don’t even faintly recognize “Payback,” that record’s single.

Regardless, I would guess that this infinitesimal amount of knowledge practically makes me a Flaw expert compared to most of the world. They’re not notorious enough to function as an easy fallback joke like Hed PE or Orgy.

But that just means whatever writer came up with this bit from last night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert deserves a raise. This shit is so funny I can even forgive Colbert for guessing that it’s either death metal, grindcore, or deathgrind. (In Colbert’s defense, you wouldn’t expect him to know what those things are.)

Needless to say, Flaw were thrilled, and immediately took the opportunity to try and get booked on the show. I can’t imagine that will ever happen, but I don’t blame them for trying. They only get mentioned on television once every twenty years. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

[via The PRP]

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