Dudes Who Mass-Quit Emmure in 2015 Launch Hilariously-Named New Band


Update, 2:55 P.M. EDT: It has come to my attention that the band’s vocalist, Jake Shaw, previously fronted MetalSucks favorites Defiler. I am now 110% more ready to hear this nonsense.

Original story follows.

Readers surely do not be to be reminded of the 2015 incident in which every member of Emmure save for frontman Frankie Palmeri quit the band, because it was one of the comedy events of the year. At the time, bassist Mark Davis said that the quartet of musicians — which also included guitarists Jesse Ketive and Mike Mulholland and drummer Adam Pierce — would be launching a new project in 2016. But nearly a year later, the ex-Emmurers had only just started looking for a new frontman (on Craigslist, which might seem funny, but remember, that’s how Black Sabbath found Dio!).

So here we are, nearly another two years later, and this project seems to finally be ready to unveil itself to the world. It’s called Painless (please, hold your applause until the end), and while Davis, Ketive and Mulholland all remain, Pierce has been swapped out for a different former Emmure drummer, Mark Castillo (I guess his cochlear implant failed him). Palmeri, meanwhile, is replaced by Jacob Shaw, whose position on aliens, the Illuminati, and the Street Fighter franchise is not known to us at this time.

The band will be releasing their first EP, No Help (I told you to hold your applause), next month, and have opted to tease that release via the below sample of their song “Spellbinder.” Shaw remains the band’s biggest question mark, given that none of his vocals appear here, but musically, this sample, at least, sounds nothing like Emmure. Obviously, that’s a great thing. Still, you won’t blame me for being skeptical of anyone who willingly chose to be in Emmure for an extended period of time. I’m saying this band is facing an uphill battle with regards to MetalSucks not making fun of them so much.

You can check out the “Spellbinder” sample below. No Help comes out June 22.

Okay, now you can applaud.

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