Australian Man Blasts Drowning Pool To Piss Off Abortion Protesters


About a week and a half ago in New South Wales, Australia, a bill was passed that forbids protesters from entering established “safe zones” within 150 meters of reproductive health clinics. However, the law does not go into effect until July 13th, which mean protesters have been scrambling to seize their final days of legal harassment. This past Friday (June 15th) in Surry Hills, the bullying had become particularly obnoxious, and an unidentified tradie (Australian slang for tradesman, referring to a blue collar worker) decided he’d had enough.

“The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car,” University Of Sydney Women’s Officer Madeleine Ward told Junkee. The song in particular was Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” (an interesting choice considering the lyrics). “The protestors got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier ‘turn it down’.”

The protesters eventully called the police, who told the worker to turn the music down upon their arrival. Sadly, that means we’ll never get to know what song was next on the playlist, but I’d like to think it was something along the lines of respecting women, cause that’s pretty metal. Ward said she’s been trying to track the man down to thank him, but has not had much luck. Check out the video below, and if you know this guy, go give him a high-five on behalf of ladies everywhere.

[Thanks: MS reader John G., via Musicfeeds]

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