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Thomas Gabriel Fischer of Triptykon’s Arm Was Broken in Random Assault


Triptykon’s Thomas Gabriel Fischer just announced his right arm was shattered during what he describes as an “unprovoked, ultra-violent, and drug-fueled attack.” Not only is this a serious inconvenience because he’s right handed, but he will also be unable to play guitar again until at least late summer.

This news was revealed on the same day that Triptykon were announced as part of the lineup of the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Los Angeles, set to play a special Celtic Frost setlist. Hopefully Fischer will have recovered considerably by the time the festival comes around in December.

Fischer’s injury may also set back the progress on Triptykon’s upcoming new record, their follow-up to 2014’s Melana Chasmata. However, his plans are to get right back to work once he’s sufficiently healed. Read the full statement from his blog below:

Thomas Gabriel Fischer of Triptykon’s Arm Was Broken in Random Assault

“Once my right arm, shattered in an unprovoked, ultra-violent, and drug-fuelled attack, has healed sufficiently, I will again be able to tend to the rapidly accumulating emails in a far more timely manner. According to the doctors who are tending to me, this should occur sometime in August. As my arm is entombed in a full-length cast right now, I am rather clumsy with my utterly unprepared left hand, and writing (and everything else) is a quite challenging proposition at the moment. The hospital staff felt sufficient pity to at least provide me with a suitably black cover for the cast.”

At least his cast is pretty metal-looking. MS wishes Fischer a speedy and healthy recovery process and no more ultra-violent, drug-fueled attacks!

[via Ghost Cult]

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