Watch Primal Fear’s New Music Video “King of Madness”


German powerhouses Primal Fear have just shared a new single and music video, “King of Madness,” from their upcoming new album Apocalypse. It’s cheesy AF and offers nothing interesting whatsoever, but if that’s your jam, this track will hit all the right spots.

As somebody with a cool indifference toward power metal, I’m probably the least qualified person in the omniverse to be doing this write-up, but that makes it all the more exciting. I’d never listened to Primal Fear until now, and I can confidently say that I won’t be going out of my way to do it again anytime soon. “King of Madness” isn’t good, nor is it so terrible that it’s entertaining; it’s fine, but forgettable.

I do have one nagging question: Primal Fear has three guitarists — why is that necessary? If anybody knows, please indulge me. I understand the appeal of two, but any more than that is overkill and will probably leave some poor fella feeling left out :(  And besides, there should be as much room as possible for the band’s only driving force, Ralph Scheepers’ soaring, Judas Priest-esque vocals.

So if you’d like to kick off your afternoon with some thoroughly average power metal, check out the “King of Madness” music video below. There’s headbanging and flames and stuff, if you need convincing. After that, you could go pre-order Apocalypse here (available August 10th via Frontiers).


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