Periphery Song Cited in Australian Axe Attack Trial


There are different layers of fame in heavy metal. You can play arenas. You can be big in Japan. You can get brought into court because hack psychologists have heard “subliminal messages” in your music. But few bands will ever reach the prized highest echelon–the Cited in an Axe Attack Trial level of heavy metal fame.

But guys, Periphery just made it. According to ABC.net.au, the DC-based djent band was mentioned in the trial of one Evie Amati, who in January of last year went to a 7-11 and attacked three people with an axe (it should be mentioned that all victims survived–hence axe attack and not the more traditional axe murder).

Here’s the reference:

In opening his case, crown prosecutor Daniel McMahon told the jury Ms Amati was listening to a song called Flatline by the band Periphery with “some pretty dark themes” before she went into the store.

I’m listening to “Flatline” right now, and with all the clear vocals and shit it actually sounds super light and positive to me. But then again, it IS named “Flatline,” and I’m also not on “a ‘toxic mixture’ of gender transition hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol.”

And I’m not this woman:

Periphery Song Cited in Australian Axe Attack Trial
Maureen Ponderosa, everyone.

Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb tweeted the following:

Right on, man. The mention of Periphery was very obviously the prosecutor trying to portray Amati as some dark, twisted soul because she listens to metal, not an unhealthy human being who happens to also enjoy metal music.

Obviously, I hope miss Amati gets mentally healthy and doesn’t go full Jason on any more convenience store employees. And in the meantime, let’s hope the prosecutor in her case doesn’t look for anymore scapegoats in the music she listens to.

[via The PRP]

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