“What the Fuck’s Up, Denny’s?”


Once upon there was a Denny’s in Houston. That Denny’s closed down. Thankfully some go-getter scene kids decided to take it over for a show, and this legendary performance was brought to life.

Real talk: this band goes pretty hard! A longer YouTube video of the performance would seem to indicate that their name is either Live Without or Ordinary Life (the other is the name of the song… but the lack of quotation marks makes it impossible to tell which), but honestly, does it even matter? The only thing that’s important here is “What the fuck’s up, Denny’s?” And the frontdude’s stage moves, which are serious as fuqq. [UPDATE: The band has reached out to us, and they are called Live Without; visit them on Bandcamp. -Ed.]

And yeah, I know this is old. The show took place in 2013 but I’d somehow never seen this video until it started making the rounds on Twitter today. It’s a slow news day and this is just too good not to share.

Thanks for MS contributor Snaximus for sending this one in!

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