More Footage of That Dude Eating His Beans in the Mosh Pit


You will all be very relieved to learn that Cha-Cha — the poor little ‘tang who ate some very spicy salsa out of the MS Mansion Meat Locker this morning — is doing much better now. He hopped around like Bugs Bunny with his feet on fire for about a minute, chugged some milk (and thankfully didn’t puke it all up, unlike our other friend) and then settled down; all things considered, could’ve been much worse! Reminds me of the time Zippy, the MS Mansion Monkey whose sole responsibility it is to make sure Axl and I have fresh bong water every day, got into some rice and beans Emperor Rhombus left out after he got too drunk on fancy sipping rum and passed out. Needless to say, that was a smelly night at the Mansion.

Speaking of beans, you may recall the enterprising young fellow who became metal internet famous when someone captured him on video eating beans in the middle of the moshpit at a recent Warped Tour stop. Why beans? Where does one even acquire a can of beans at Warped Tour? Why not just, like, eat them and THEN go in the pit half a song later? So many questions, but so much hilarity… probably best not to ask.

Turns out there’s more footage of our young friend enjoying his beans in the pit, including sharing them with a fellow mosh-pitter (who ever said metalheads weren’t friendly??). Beans for all! You can check out the additional footage below via The PRP.

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