Rob Scallon and Sarah Longfield Scare Hippies With Their Slayer Ukulele Cover


Today on Rob Scallon Makes Us Feel Incompetent: watch Rob and his friend Sarah Longfield bring destruction to hippies everywhere, Eric Cartman style! While the song in question, Slayer’s “Piece by Piece,” is menacing enough on its own, the fact that it’s been revamped into a ukulele duet makes it kvlt as fvck.

This isn’t the Scallon/Longfield duo’s first ukelele rodeo — they’ve also covered Slayer’s “Payback” and Cannibal Corpse’s “Evidence in the Furnace.” At this point, their partnership is so tight that everybody else who plays metal ukulele covers should just give up (Stephen Brodsky excepted). If your local Sunday Uke Group needs to be put in their place, make them feel bad about themselves and/or scare them out of town with this video. The worst thing that could happen is they’ll actually like it and start playing Slayer, so what do you have to lose? Give it a watch, and leave jealous sentiments in the comments below.

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