Watch This Guy Perfectly Air Drum to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” at an NFL Game


Fanboying out to Rush in the nerdiest way possible (is there any other way?) used to be a closet endeavor indulged in primarily by Midwest, suburban hair farmers in the privacy of their bedrooms. But ever since Jason Segel and Paul Rudd did so in the admittedly very funny 2009 comedy I Love You, Man it’s become a pop culture phenomenon, a fully acceptable — even encouraged — pursuit. Let your nerdy Rush colors fly, boys and girls!

Sports reporter Prescott Rossi was privy to a very special Rush fanboy moment during the Ravens/Bills game this past Sunday, capturing footage of an older fella air-drumming along to (and totally nailing) Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” like he’s alone in his bedroom. It turns out our Neil Peart impersonator is in the Ravens’ marching band, so his performance here isn’t totally out of left field (errr… the end zone?), but it’s still worth a chuckle or at least a smile to watch this guy enjoying himself.

Rush caught wind of the video after it went viral (over 8 million views to date), giving their own nod of approval. Check out the clip and Rush’s tweet below, then go slappa some bass and crack open an ice cold Kuge the next time a Rush tune comes on the jukebox at the Chug Suckle.

[via Loudwire]

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