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“Perfume and Steel”: The New Fragrance by Slaegt


Danish blackened thrash band Slaegt may be a little artsy for some–I mean, you saw that photo on the front page, so did I–but boy can they shred. Imagine Vreid but with less folk and military influence and more of a love of old-school heavy metal, and you get the basics of what this band sounds like. I urged you guys to get on the wagon in 2015, and then was gloriously vindicated last year by the band’s killer album Domus Mysterium.

Now, the Copenhagen crushers have returned with a new track, acting as a lead-in to their upcoming new album The Wheel. The song’s called “Perfume and Steel”, and yes, look, again, that’s a cover that evokes more images of Fashion Week than it does of corpsepainted warrior-mages, but the song rules. It’s chock full of all the weedling guitar harmonies and big-ass choruses that makes Slaegt such a contender today, and it goes out with a bang.

Check out “Perfume and Steel” below and find yourself bobbing your head despite the title having the word perfume in it. The Wheel comes out October 5th via Van Records; pre-order the CD here and the vinyl here.

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