Ex-Ghost Guitarist: “Something Horrible Happened” to Make Him Leave the Band


Ready for the latest quote from someone in the metal scene that’s got little context and surely doesn’t fully capture the complexity of the situation at hand, tailor made for headlines in the ravenous, evil metal media? Here it is via Martin Persner, the ex-Ghost guitarist who was in the band between 2010 and 2016 but who is not involved in the lawsuit brought by several ex-members against Tobias Forge!

Persner, who is currently promoting a new song by the ressurected Magna Carta Cartel (his pre-Ghost band with Forge), had this to say when asked by Goetia Media about his departure from Ghost:

“I don’t wanna talk about that. I’m sorry. I understand – of course, everyone wonders – but, to me, basically, it’s a group of five or six very, very good friends, and something horrible happened.

“And to me, it feels like talking about the divorce of your wife – it’s so horrible – so I’d rather not talk about anything about that in terms of how we feel about each other and stuff, because it’s too personal.”

“Something horrible” could be any number of things. Reading between the lines here, I don’t believe he’s referring to something scandalous — like Forge screwed Martin’s ex or something to that effect — but is likely just a general allusion to Forge’s efforts to wrest full creative and financial control of the band, as alleged in the lawsuit. I think it’s pretty unlikely we see Persner elaborate on the above — he’s admittedly reticent to talk about it — but I am hoping we get to learn more about the lawsuit when it’s eventually resolved. We haven’t heard anything on that in quite some time.

Here’s the latest single from Magna Carta Cartel, which I happen to dig a whole lot:

[via Blabbermouth]

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