Necessary Roughness Week 4: Too Much!


I apologize in advance for how half assed this is. Your boy is still hungover on Monday from watching Dead Empires’ guitarist John Bryan get married up in the woods of New York State on Saturday. Luckily for my body, there was so much goddamn football this weekend I didn’t get off my couch for like eight straight hours. Three games going to overtime doesn’t seem like much, but it really makes that 1pm slot feel like it’s never going to end. I spent my early afternoon watching Red Zone for a change and it was a dizzying and endless barrage of what looked like exciting games.

The most noteworthy thing from the late games was Earl Thomas breaking his leg. Anyone who believes players are greedy or get paid too much should really consider the scenarios with Thomas and LeVeon Bell for a little more than a few minutes. These guys aren’t taking money from public funds or bleeding their respective teams dry. They’re trying to secure a future for themselves at the cost of billionaires who have rigged the entire system in their own favor. The players union is crap and should shoulder a lot of the blame, but the individual players are not the bad guys here. Luckily Thomas’s injury shouldn’t affect his production moving forward, but now instead of playing for a huge long term contract, he’s gonna probably have to settle for a one year “prove it” deal, which is infinitely worse. I’d be flipping off my team on the way out, too.

Earl Thomas says goodbye to his friends in Seattle

Saints 33 – Giants 18: The Giants are showing glimpses of what they can do, but without a decent offensive line they will always have trouble stringing long drives together. The defense did just about all it could, holding the Saints to four field goals on their first four trips to the red zone. The most interesting thing to me about the Saints is their use of third string “QB” Taysom Hill. He lined up all over the place and had a bunch of important plays out of the Wildcat formation, not to mention his first down throw on the Saints fake punt. With Drew Brees putting up MVP numbers this year it’s hard to see why the Saints would need so much firepower behind him with Hill and Teddy Bridgewater, but they’re definitely set up at QB for the foreseeable future. Should be interesting to see if they get Hill even more involved later in the season.

Bears ∞ – Buccaneers 10: After watching the Bears almost beat the Packers in Week 1, I’ve been super into watching them when I can. Their defense is just super fun to watch and this week Mitch Trubisky finally showed up and looked like a first round pick. Six fucking TDs? The Bucs defense blows goats, but some of his passes were absolute dimes. The Bears are in sole possession of the NFC North for now. Unless the wheels totally come off for them, this should be the most fun division in football moving forward.

Raider 45 – Browns 42: Cleveland got FUCKED in this one. They had the game won… I cannot for the life of me figure out why they overturned the spot on that ball. Spotting the ball is always super questionable. It seems to me that to treat it as an estimate for 99.9% of plays and then put .1% under a microscope is totally fucked, especially with the game on the line! Despite Baker Mayfield giving the Raiders the ball four different times, he looked pretty good. John Gruden will always and forever be a moron for letting Khalil Mack go. Mayfield had ALL DAY in the pocket for most of the afternoon. Also, why isn’t Nick Chubb the RB1 on the Browns? Carlos Hyde is good, but Chubb had three carries for two touchdowns and 105 yards…

Ravens 26 – Steelers 14: These games in primetime make me feel the way everyone else feels about Giants/Cowboys games. Who cares? These are two of the most boring teams in the league. The most entertaining thing about the Steelers is their reality-show drama off the field. Lamar Jackson is the most interesting thing about the Ravens and we won’t get to see him play meaningful snaps unless Joe Flacco spontaneously combusts during a game (not out of the realm of possibility.) I am so glad I didn’t bother to watch this. Apparently the most noteworthy talking points, all had to do with baffling penalties…

Fantasy Pimp of the Week: This HAS to be Mitchel Trubisky. No one in your league started him unless your dad is both a huge Bears fan and bad at fantasy. All those sweet points just sitting on someone’s bench or on the waiver wire. Do not pick him up. It will not go well.

Ramblings and Whatnot:

  • Tony Romo is still the best broadcaster on TV. Not only does he still call plays before they happen like a damn magician, but he also explains why and in a way that nearly anyone can understand. I also like his mannerisms and way of speaking; there is no bullshit voice or hackneyed cliches with him. It’s so nice.
  • I gotta start paying more attention to the rest of the NFC East. I have no clue if any of these teams are good. I know the Giants are not very good, Dallas also looks like ass, the Eagles just won the Super Bowl, but they also just lost to the Titans in OT, Washington is in first place, but I don’t get the feeling they’re very secure up there.
  • Jared Goff threw for a perfect passer rating on Thursday. 465 yards, 5 TDs, 0 Ints/Fumbles. On a Thursday against a good to great defense. Who can stop them?
  • The flags are getting out of hand. There was a sequence in the Falcons/Bengals game that was INTERMINABLE. At some point the refs have to just chill and let the players play, right?

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Necessary Roughness Week 4: Too Much!

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