The Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis Sends A Big “Fuck You” To Bigots Everywhere with New 44-Track Compilation


You may have noticed that we don’t take too kindly to Nazis around here. Those guys suck. In fact, we’re not big fans of bigoted folks in general. While most of us certainly don’t endorse that kind of behavior, there’s still a lingering presence of prejudice in the scene. Of course, being dark and brutal and full of hatred is a core component of heavy music, but it’s 2018, which means EVERYONE should be welcome to take part in the metal movement if they so choose.

Fear not, for the U.K. based label Blackened Death has started a project aimed to “knock fascism on its ass, spread some metal, and get medical aid to those who desperately need it.” The Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis (W.O.M.A.N.) brings together anti-prejudice songs from bands all across the board and smashes them together to create the ultimate ward against bigotry. The second W.O.M.A.N. collection was just released today — featuring 44 anti-nazi bangers from the likes of Ghoul, Jucifer, Void Ritual, and more — with 100% of first-day profits being donated to Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian medical organization focused in conflict zones and countries affected by endemic diseases. Here’s what Blackened Death has to say about the project:

 “Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis” is a compilation of anti-fascist and anti-racist songs from metal bands worldwide. The acronym WOMAN was not accidental as this scene is stronger with women in its ranks.

“Heavy metal is a form of music that embraces freedom and community. Music for down and outs, music for the disenfranchised. Metal is for all of us. We are men, we are women, we are trans, we are non-binary. We are Christians, Muslims, Jews, and atheists. We include members from all around the world. We are gay, we are straight, we are pansexual. We are free and we fight for freedom.

“Fascism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, prejudice, and /any/ form of hatred is not welcome in our community. It is 2018 and we are standing together. Heavy metal is for everyone. Heavy metal is not a racist tool. Heavy metal is not a fascist ideal. Heavy metal is not a sword to slay. Heavy metal is our armour to protect us from all the world’s hatred.

“We are strongest as one.”

I think we can all agree that this is a fantastic idea —  promoting acceptance and raising money for a good cause is a win for everyone. If you’d like to support, head to the Blackened Death Bandcamp and pick up a copy of Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II. You can also check out the first compilation here.

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