Metallica Post First and Only Live Performance of “To Live is to Die,” Corey Taylor Reacts!!*


The 30th anniversary celebration of … And Justice For All chugs on, as Metallica continue to roll out all sorts of rare live gems from over the years to promote the album’s upcoming reissue in all sorts of fancy-pants deluxe configurations.

To add to the previously released 2004 performance of “Dyer’s Eve,” 1999 New Year’s Eve clip of “Blackened,” 1996 video of “One” and 1992 reel of “The Shortest Straw” — and there may have been others we missed — the Metallibrothers have now put out the newest of them all, a 2011 version of “To Live is to Die” recorded at the The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA.

It’s a cool video and all — you already know what you’re gonna get if you’re reading this — but clearly the reason you all clicked into this post is to learn what Corey Taylor thinks. We attempted to reach him for comment on this piece** but our efforts were sadly unsuccessful. Hopefully you can find joy in the video anyway.***

* Corey Taylor did not react to this video.
** We did not attempt to contact Corey Taylor for this piece.
*** We don’t really care whether you enjoy this video or not. All that matters is the money you generated for us by clicking!!! Suckerrrrrrs!

[via Metal Injection]

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