Video: Jared Dines Performs Live With Trivium Again — Now Feat. Howard Jones!


Jared Dines is presumably pretty bored, ‘cuz he’s been joining Trivium on tour purely for shits and giggles. On October 21st at the House of Blues in Chicago, he appeared on stage with the band again, this time also accompanied by Howard Jones, whose band Light the Torch has been opening for Trivium. The trifecta closed out the night with their performance of “In Waves,” which totally slaps. Watch below.

Dines’ shit-eating grin throughout the entire performance would suggest that he’s having the time of his life right now — he’s even been vlogging about his experience with the band. Does this make you irrationally angry? Perhaps even jealous that Djines is living his dream life while you’re nothing but an internet commenter weeb? May as well keep it to yourself, because he and the Trivium dudes have already proven themselves to be impervious the mean words of anonymous strangers. Here’s some suggested family-friendly alternatives to those nasty comments:

Instead of “Jared is nothing but a whore.” try “Jared is an excellent example of the effectiveness of a good attitude and social media exposure. I can’t help but be aroused by his strategic approach and seductive playing.”

Instead of “Brovium with the broest bro of the youtube douche-core chugga-chugga’rz,” try “Wow, two artists with substantial but fanbases are joining forces for ULTIMATE POWER!!! Incredible!”

Instead of “Jared is a puss,” try “Jared is so gosh darn cute. Just look at those chubby cheeks.”

[via The PRP]

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