Finally, Here’s Some Video Footage of Threatin Performing Live in the U.K.


One of the biggest missing pieces of the Threatin storyline that’s dominated the metal media (and my fucking life) for the past three days has been the band’s performances themselves. With so few people in attendance at Threatin’s gigs it seemed as if no one thought to whip out their phone and film, a rarity these days. Live footage of Threatin takes on extra special meaning in light of the doctored live videos Jered had been pushing to make his band seem more popular than they are.

But today, finally, MetalSucks has obtained live footage of Threatin from their currently in-progress (albeit falling apart) European tour! It’s pretty much what you’d expect: four guys that look a whole lot like they’re in a local band, not a critically acclaimed international touring act — complete with an expensive stage backdrop and scrims, those bastions of tryhard local bands everywhere — playing for an empty room and sounding pretty damn mediocre.

This footage was filmed at the band’s Manchester gig on November 7th by Marc Hatton, guitarist of Manchester-based prog rock band Lute. Enjoy.

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