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Code Orange Release 20-Minute My World Documentary


Metal’s current reigning les enfants terribles, Code Orange, have released a new, twenty-minute-long documentary entitled My World, which you can check out below. The band shot and edited the doc themselves. Watch:

My World premiered on Revolver, who also got a chance to ask drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan if the band has begun to work on a follow-up to 2017’s much-acclaimed release, Forever:

“We’re always working on stuff. I would say yes, we’re about done and we don’t necessarily like to look at it that way completely, but there are opportunities that have been coming up so we’ll see. I think we’re ready to move on, and we have a lot in store for next year.

“We also don’t do records to have people pat us on the back and go, ‘They did a good job.’ We don’t want a little expansion, we don’t want to grow five percent. We always try to grow 50 perfect, but it’s always a dice roll and I think we’ll be very happy with it. We’ll see what people think.”

Morgan continued:

“[W]e’re trying to figure out a way to use electronics, modern technology, etc., into the kind of music that we make in a hopefully somewhat fresh way that doesn’t feel like recanting whatever industrial-metal acts of old. I think we’re getting a lot better at that.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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