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Extremely Important Corey Taylor Recording Studio Update


Here at MetalSucks we strive to bring you only the very best, top-flight journalism, which is why we are committed to providing as many updates on Corey Taylor as possible by our dedicated team of two humans and an armada of monkeys, no matter how seemingly insignificant. No coverage angle of The Only Important Person in Metal shall go unexplored, no social media stone left unturned, no quote not endlessly dissected and parsed for greater extrapolated meaning than Corey himself intended. What I’m saying is this: we’ve got you covered, loyal Suckalos! Do not fear.

And so: Corey Taylor posted a selfie on Instagram yesterday. But not just any selfie: a selfie of him laying down vocals in the studio! In this crucial piece of expository content, we can see that Taylor can keep the mood light-hearted even amidst what must surely be the pressure cooker-like environment of recording Slipknot’s forthcoming album; look at that face, u so silly, Corey!!! We can also see that Corey has good taste in music — as if we needed any reminder — by that super sharp old-school Motley Crue t-shirt. Further, we’re reminded that Corey is ever the trend-bucker, unafraid to defy social norms by wearing a white t-shirt in a cultural landscape that compels him to wear black.

This one’s a real whopper, folks. Surely historians in the year 2119 are going to look back on this Instagram post as a defining moment of the era.

You can catch Corey and The Slipknots on tour this summer with Volbeat, Behemoth and Gojira, although for some reason all four camps are currently pretending it isn’t happening.

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Back to work…

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